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Another interesting tale confirmed by several bloggers I know who are reliable commentators is that many more right wing sites are now editing out most left of centre comment. The Taxpayer’s Alliance is one who is now definitely doing this. I would hate to be so partisan….

Guess who?

12 thoughts on “Amusing line of the day”

  1. Other choice lines:
    “I’ve been blogging for more than four years now. Back then it was still relatively rare”


    “for now … a greater use of the delete button may well be the most obvious change”

    Ritchie really is the gift that keeps on giving!

  2. He says blogs are about preaching to the choir. In other words they’re about getting the choir to sing better from the communal hymn sheet. Those who want to sing out of tune are not welcome. And nor are those who want to sing something else.

    What the hell does politics do to a person? Here they are – normal, well-adjusted and, I’d guess, considerate people, discussing the fate of millions of souls – yet they’ve forced their minds into such little cubby holes that they’d make Spock seem wholly personable…

  3. I wonder if he is trying to say something more important. Blogging on the left is resurgent right now, yet he choses to scale down his own blogging. That doesn’t make obvious sense.
    So why do it? – he has got in over his head, and he has regularly taken a real pasting from some of his commentors. His policy has gotten more cencorious, but it’s not obvious how to extracate himself while keeping face. Until now.

    This is a fig leaf to excuse his exit. With any luck.

  4. This is what I wrote – lets see if it will be a good posted
    “Richard do you really think that if someone UKIP posted it would affect the credibility of your blog? Why do you believe that?
    Surely blogs by definition have comments which sometimes differ from
    “As a result Tim Montgomerie admits Conservative Home deleted all comments they thought from the far right for a long period (and maybe they still do) – and that’s UKIP and onwards.”
    What is your definition of far right? Is it someone you want to rubbish?”

  5. Priceless, Tim, priceless. And:

    “I would rather play to my strengths.”


    “Well, I’m expecting to blog less.”

    2011 is looking more promising already.

    (And, dearieme, your comment made me splutter with mirth.)

  6. I think this is another facet of Murphy’s crippling Dunning-Kruger cognitive deficit. He simply has no sense of self-examination. His psyche is utterly outward-facing.


  7. You have to be fucking kidding me…..

    When did he murder his parents and beg for the mercy of the court because he’s an orphan?

  8. I like to think that every morning he sits down in his little office, turns on his computer & as he works his eyes keep straying to the Bookmark tab. He trys to ignore it but again & again his eyes wander towards that little box. Eventually, all work impossible his shaking hand guides the cursor towards his fateful destiny. What horrifying critique has Worstall summoned up for him today?
    The screen loads & a shudder of relief runs through his frame. No mention. With trepidation he scrolls down. One item….two items…. is he safe? No there it is before him. His Nemesis. He begins to read & as he does so hisw face whitens & his ears redden. His nails bite into the arm of his chair unheeded.
    Bringing him his mid-morning coffee & digestive his wife finds him slumped over the keyboard quietly weeping. She puts a sheltering arm across his shoulders. “Come on Darling” she says, “Go over to your own blog & delete some comments. You know that makes you feel better”

  9. “It’s no good.” he moans, ” i just can’t do it any more. They’re all laughing at me.”
    “Richard! Richard! how has it come to this? We were so happy together, the three of us. You, me & your adding machine. We used to stroll together through the woods without a care in our hearts. We used to take turns in changing its little roll of paper…..OH Dick, Dick!”

    “Don’t call me that! Not you as well?”

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