Blimey: the truth about globalisation in The Guardian

Its cheerleaders may deny it (even as they argue passionately against such horrors as a living wage), but global- isation tends to close the poverty gap between countries, and promote such a gap among the populations within countries.

Yup, quite right.

\’N\’ ain\’t it grand?

Hundreds of millions, billions, rising up out of the destitution that has been mankind\’s lot for millenia at the cost to us of a little more jealousy about shits riding around in Bentleys.

Pretty good deal, hunh?

5 thoughts on “Blimey: the truth about globalisation in The Guardian”

  1. Good god that article is a piece of work.

    No doubt Ms Orr’s “simple pleasures” include two homes, overseas travel, good food and wine, etc. etc. etc.

    Of course the pleasures of others are a different matter.

  2. JM: “So the rich get very rich and I get a mobile phone – so I should be content?”

    Yes! Particularly if you can by working hard get richer yourself…Let’s maximise the minimum – not minimise the maximum in the name of “more equality”. Equality of misery (aka socialism) benefits no-one… except the apparatchiks.

    Meanwhile…the proportion of the world’s population regarded as malnourished has halved over four decades (the UN tally of 925m fell by 98m last year)…And every DAY of 2011, some 200,000 people (or 73m pa) are likely to be lifted out of what the UN defines as extreme poverty (ie living on $1.25 a day or less).

    And global capitalism is responsible! Not any (inter-)governmental “development goal” or “charity outreach” programme or…but glorious global capitalism….

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