Cretinous stupidity from a modern day Bowdler

Thanks to the intervention of one Dr. Alan Gribben, American kids will no longer be racist after reading Mark Twain\’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and timorous teachers will now feel comfortable assigning a book that once featured 219 instances (according to Gribben) of the word \”nigger.\” Gribben\’s new edition of Huckleberry Finn will excise all those bits that make people feel uncomfortable—because good literature never, ever makes people feel uncomfortable.

Dear Lord Almighty.

One of the most powerful pieces of the book is where Huck knows, absolutely and without doubt, that by helping the runaway slave (Jim?) he will lose his immortal soul.

Yet he helps him, despite his being both a runaway slave and a nigger, a man\’s a  man, nigger or not, and thus worthy of being helped.

Take away the language and you take away the power of the point.

9 thoughts on “Cretinous stupidity from a modern day Bowdler”

  1. To be honest, I think that the most cretinous are those who avoided the book because of its use of out of fashion words.

    When I was at school, Enid Blyton was public enemy #1. She was too sexist for impressionable minds. My younger brother only really cracked reading after he discovered her exciting books. But his learning to read, is nothing when put into the context of the resistance to male dominance, and he was himself male after all.

  2. Just about anything written before 1990 is fair game for the Dr. Gribben.

    Precisely because of his use of the word ‘nigger’, Mark Twain is taking us somewhere real that we no longer have access to.

    Once there, it is up to us to analyse, think and reach conclusions. Is the author like that? Is it the character? Does it reflect the reality? What did people then think of the use of the word ‘nigger’?

    And all that before we decide that the book is any good or not.

    Who the hell is this guy to rewrite somebody else’s work? Does he hate literature or what?

  3. Serf, You are right.

    Harry Potter’s success is upsetting ‘real’ writers, but hell my daughter, born in Spain and educated in the French system in Spain, learnt her fantastic English in great measure by having Harry Potter read to her and then reading the books herself.

    OK, then she ‘graduated to other stuff, but she is now at 17 going on 18, truly trilingual in a way most people can’t believe.

  4. Gribben is presumably pandering to the teachers, not the children?
    Another example of producer capture, then.
    Ban teachers from schools NOW. (or v v)

  5. And presumably Conrad’s The Nigger of the ‘Narcissus’ would have the good doctor retire to his fainting couch.

  6. Once there, it is up to us to analyse, think and reach conclusions.

    Not in a world where lefties rule, Bilbao.

    In that world the proles are deemed to be too thick to be allowed to think for themselves. Where it is necessary for them to actually hold an opinion, this will be provided to them by the enlightened class that rules them, protecting them from their own dangerous stupidity.

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