Dating outside the immediate gene pool

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Guess they\’re not from West Virginia then

11 thoughts on “Dating outside the immediate gene pool”

  1. I hear banjos run faster. IIRC there are now some housing estates in the UK where so few people have moved in and out and where there blokes are fathering children with different women in the area that there is very real danger of a boy sleeping with their half sister without realising it.

    One council had to set up a special women and girls office on one estate to deal with the abusive, intergenerational and consanguinous sex that was going on.

  2. Paul ilc

    I was informed that it was Thurrock Council a few years ago did this due to issues with this problem in the Tilbury area. If I’m wrong I’ll stand corrected

  3. ?????
    Am I missing something, but this relates to your views on supply-side economics/Ritchie’s rantings/the great micro vs macro economics debate/the scandal over scandium etc exactly how?
    Perhaps it should have been tagged “Worstall’s wankings”? Or, as I’m saying, perhaps I’m missing something. In which case, you could have at least given us a clue.
    I remain, Sir, your obedient servant

  4. Re the West Virginia remark-Brits should try not to confuse certain comedy routines and Hollywood sterotypes with reality.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Fourteen generations apart? Come on. No one who is from a small town in the UK – Bath say – could honestly say that their family does not contain people closer than that. Part of my own family comes from a tiny isolated valley where I was told no one married out until the coming of the railway. My family has only ever had one marriage between first cousins. But you don’t have to meet many to know we’re an in-bred bunch. Everyone was.

  6. “…there is very real danger of a boy sleeping with their half sister without realising it.”

    If it’s Tilbury, would they even care?

  7. Trundlemaster – sorry, my point was that Thurrock or whatever Council did not have to set up such a scheme…

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