Dear Ms. Lucas

For example, evidence suggests that the vast majority households supported rationing, because it was fairer than the alternative of restricting food consumption through prices. Small individual action added up to a massive contribution: collecting food scraps – which due to rationing were nothing like the amount of food waste Britain produces today – was enough to feed over 200,000 pigs.

So you will be introducing legislation to allow the feeding of pigs with swill then?

6 thoughts on “Dear Ms. Lucas”

  1. It was the disastrous handling of the 2001 foot-and-mouth epidemic that put a stop to feeding pigs on waste food – a great waste of a valuable by-product.

  2. In poorer parts of the world they feed human faeces to pigs I kid you not.
    Oh hang on, I shouldn’t be giving her ideas should I.
    Just keep talking it instead Ms L.

  3. I’m shocked and outraged that now, in a time of far greater wealth and abundance of food, we’re more wasteful than during a temporary and artificially imposed scarcity crisis.

    I’ve always found it curious how much lefties seem to desire controls only justified in total war

  4. 60m people produce enough waste to feed 0.2m pigs? Why I am shocked by this vast 0.3% waste endemic in our capitalist food supply. A centrally controlled food system such as that of the Soviet Union never wasted any food at all.

  5. Reading between the lines, I suspect her eco-fascist utopia would involve food rationing, strict carbon allowances, travel permits, and obsessive and demented levels of regulation. All in the name of worshipping Gaia!

  6. The answer is to keep your own pig, in the back garden, and feed it on scraps, and fruit and veg from the outdated shelf at the supermarket. Also wholemeal bread, fruit loaf and bran loaf that’s marked down. Oh and don’t forget to give the apple tree a good shake. Piggies like apples, and pears.

    But be careful, pigs can charm you.

    Within a few weeks, your piggy will have acquired a name, a birthday, (with presents, and a cake), you will have built her a Wendy house, and installed a garden pond so she can cool off on hot summer days. And you will know that you have eaten your last ever bacon sandwich….

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