Disturbing things you find out when the wife goes away for a couple of days

The cat eats pizza.

17 thoughts on “Disturbing things you find out when the wife goes away for a couple of days”

  1. One of ours likes broccoli, bread, bagels, mango, oranges and dried apricots – and has learnt to open the breadbin and help himself. mind you he was a rescue kitten who was foraging for himself when found. Once he figures out the tin opener we are toast……..

  2. You know what they say, when the wife’s away, the cat will play (or something like that).

    What I can’t work out, Tim, is what a fellow Bathonian (we know our vittals we do) is doing eating pizza in Portugal which is not far behind Spain in the good food stakes.

    Too busy blogging?

    Can I suggest some good receipes on the Grauniad….

    Tim adds: Well, I did spend part of my childhood in Naples, it has to be said…

    About Bathonians: you’ve had Bath Chaps, yes? The ham made from the cheek of the pig which, as far as I know now anyway, is only available from the cooked meats stall in the market?

    We had Nick Luke (landlord, Old Green Tree) over at New Year and I took him down to our local restaurant: where they do the same cut, the cheeks, grilled on skewers.It’s the only teo places I’ve ever actually seenthat cut served (or at least identified, I’m sure they turn up in sausages etc).

  3. Pizza is good food, Bilbao boy, whether it’s in Portugal or Pinner.

    We used to have a dog who was crazy for watermelon and raw runner beans.

  4. Cats Luuuuuve cheese. I thought everyone knew this. I once had one (a cat) who would bound up from the back of garden as soon as I opened a pack of Cheesy Wotsits. I therefore had to buy more packets of Cheesy Wotsits from my local offy to feed me and the damned cat. Noticing the sudden increase in demand for Cheesy Wotsits, my local offy duly put up the price of them by 5p. This brought home to me the influence of these daughters of Satan on the free market relating to cheesy comestibles. Something A Smith missed.

  5. Bath Chaps. Actually, no!

    Next time in back in the fair city, I will look out for them. Haven’t had a drink in the Old Green Tree for years. Volunteer Rifleman’s Arms, yes. Back in the early seventies, used to hang out at the Ring o’Bells and the Bell. Couldn’t really handle the excess hippiness of the Hat and Feather.

    Anyway, here they are known as ‘carrilleras de cerdo’. Wouldn’t go so far as to say that they are common, but certainly not uncommon.

    The cheek holds the masticatory muscle and the meat is usually suffused with streaky fat which makes it tender and tasty. Served in red wine sauce. Yum.

    Do you remember the fuss about sausages a few years back? Everything was going in including stuff that shouldn’t. Part of the problem then was that they claimed that the cheeks store the antibiotics that piglets are (were?) routinely given as a preventative measure.

    What the hell,! ‘Enjoy’, as our American cousins say.

    Tim adds: Bath chaps are that cut which are then cured as a ham and breaded on one side: the outer side, where the skin has been lifted off. Very tender and sweet ham they are too.

    Nick had the Volunteer for a time but sounds like after you left. He’s had the OGT since, umm, 1981 ish….82 maybe.

  6. I am definitely not a cat hater, but mostly a cat liker.

    Anyway … there was an interesting article a few months ago in the NYT about a restaurant health inspector inspecting the kitchen in the apartment of a food columnist. You know: “How D I Score?”

    After going through the inspection and reinspection, the columnist asked the inspector if she would eat in her apartment … the answer was still no … and the deal breaker was that she had an indoor cat.

    Sorry about your pizza Tim …

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