Guardian editorial

The people will lack the full facts, but will nonetheless know enough to feel fury.

To translate that for you: ignorant proles will get angry.

So, err, why doesn\’t the nation\’s leading left wing newspaper try to inform them?

7 thoughts on “Guardian editorial”

  1. As I commented there (wonder if the mods have zapped it yet?) I look forward to using this tactic on the next immigration debate.

    ‘Never mind the facts! Feel our fury!!

    Actually, I think it’ll work with capital punishment debates too… 😉

  2. because the truth will set them free from their rage…and rage and protest are hallmarks of the left, they would not wish to devalue the brand.

  3. Because if they did, they’d have to start explaining basic economics and the fact that legal agreements betwen two private parties are the business of nobody else.

    Much safer to just stir them up with untruths and inuendo.

  4. It was ever thus for lunatic lefties : stirring people into emotion is so much easier than making them think, which of course also makes them less malleable by said lefties.

    Alan Douglas

  5. Thomas Sowell described lefty economics as the belief that: “third parties, with neither experience nor expertise, can make better decisions, on the basis of their emotional reactions, than the decisions of those who have both experience and expertise, as well as a stake in the results.”

    This is a classic example.

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