How fascinating!

Of course people are allowed to organise their affairs how they will within the constraints of tax compliance – but that still means the economic substance is consistent with the form in which transactions are reported for tax…

So Ritchie does agree that, Vodafone, having paid tax in Germany, where it sells phones and air time, having paid tax in Luxembourg, where that part of the corporation is actually based, should not therefore be paying yet more tax in the UK because absolutely no part of the economic substance of selling phones and air time in Germany, nor managing such from Luxembourg,  takes place in the UK.

You know, he\’d save a whole lot of time and grief if he actually said this.

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  1. I brought forward the purchase of a washing machine last week, in order to minimise the amount of Value Added Tax I had to pay. Was I (and the millions of other Britons who did the same) morally deficient in the view of Mr Ritchie?

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