How we know Jared Loughner is nuts

In the text on one of the videos, for example, Mr. Loughner states, \”No! I won\’t pay debt with a currency that\’s not backed by gold and silver.\”

Or stupid, one or the other.

For of course, even if you are a gold/silver nut, in fact, especially if you\’re a gold/silver nut, you\’re absolutely delighted to be paying what you owe to others with these funny little pieces of paper: while hopefully managing to ensure that what others owe to you is paid in gold/silver backed currency.

There are other indications that he\’s that round of sandwiches short of the full picnic as well: that whole shooting lots of people in the car park might be taken as evidentiary by some.

3 thoughts on “How we know Jared Loughner is nuts”

  1. Surely there is the possibility that he is very anti a gold/silver standard because he believes the metals are not good stores of value, and hence wants to pay back his debts in them?

  2. “There are other indications that he’s that round of sandwiches short of the full picnic as well”

    But surely shooting a Democrat isn’t one of them?
    I gather those wanting to join the sport over there are so numerous they’re thinking about organising seasons & bag limits.

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