I have to say I don\’t understand all of this

The unprecedented scale of undercover operations used by police to monitor Britain\’s political protest movements was laid bare last night after a third police spy was identified by the Guardian.

News of the existence of the 44-year-old male officer comes as regulators prepare two separate official inquiries into the activities of this hitherto secret police surveillance network.

What does anyone think we actually have spy services, undercover police, for?

Why, to find out what the bad guys are planning of course: and also to try and work out whether people are in fact bad guys or not.

I\’ve absolutely no doubt at all that there\’s undercover people in the EDF, BNP, various anarchist, hippy and green movements and the entire membership being undercover officers is the only explanation I can come up with for the SWP.

To protest that \”but we\’re not baddies\” and therefore we shouldn\’t be infiltrated is to miss entirely the point. The rest of us would like to find out whether you are or not…..

18 thoughts on “I have to say I don\’t understand all of this”

  1. If we had a truly engaged independent media, maybe journalists could do the work the police are doing?

    But we don’t.

  2. >Explaining the SWP
    The old saying about “when four people sit down to plot, three are secret policemen and the other one is an idiot” comes to mind at this point.

  3. I remember Ricky Tomlinson being shocked – shocked, I tell you! – that he had been monitored by MI5 in the 70s – having previously been both a member of the National Front and a left-wing trade union activist.

    Am I the only one who thinks he might have been MI5, himself?

  4. Hang on, we’re to believe the state can’t keep track of men firmly suspected of connections to terrorism but can fritter time and money away on some jolly environmentalists. That’s very odd. Sounds to me like a gambler leaving Ali vs. Frazier to fix a game of darts at a Bolton working men’s club.

  5. “If you’ve nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to fear.”

    You’re presumably all in favour of wiretaps, DNA databases, ID Cards, web monitoring et cetera? (Unless you were joking in which case feel free to mock me as a humourless bastard.)

  6. “Why, to find out what the bad guys are planning of course: and also to try and work out whether people are in fact bad guys or not.”

    Do you think, perhaps, they could take less than 7 years to work it out?

  7. “there’s undercover people in the EDF”

    EDF? Are we talking about the French outfit that owns London Electricity?

  8. Is there anyone in the UK who is not under surveillance by some auhority ? And whilst at the same time being indoctrinated by another authority?

  9. The Intelligence services will know all about infiltration. There are polymorphously perverse nymphomaniac prostitutes that have been penetrated fewer times than MI 5/6 etc.

  10. Here’s a thought: maybe people should have the right to live their lives without the State constantly spying on them on the presumption that they MIGHT be ‘baddies.’

    The argument of national security ALWAYS being put before individual freedom is the creed of totalitarianism.

  11. Wot BenSix said at 6.

    The authorities claim they don’t have enough money to keep track of people they ‘know’ are involved in acts of terrorism.

    It seems a bit odd that they can find money to infiltrate (and fund, it is claimed) groups that will at worst be involved in acts of vandalism.

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