Interesting news about Richard Murphy\’s speech in Jersey

This is the speech which Richard has written about here:

Last evening I spoke at a meeting in St Helier, talking, seemingly to the audience’s pleasure for 30  minutes and taking questions for more than 75 minutes after that, the while thing only slightly delayed by local television interviews.

The text is here.

Now I\’ve been sent an email which tells me that:

I hope this may amuse you. One thing the Channel TV piece you linked to neglected to mention: only six people turned up to his little talk, according to our local rag. I believe three of them were politicians from the \”party\” that invited him.

Now I have no way of checking this at all other than to ask anyone who did go to the meeting (or who can find the newspaper report) whether this is true or, as Richard himself says, attendance was better than that:

I guess about 100 came

Do we have any Jersey readers here (other than the one who emailed me)?Anyone with a link to the report in hte local rag?

Update from our correspondent in Jersey:

Good instincts on your part, as it seems I have made a bit of cock-up – for which I sincerely apologise. As Richard Murphy points out in the comments to that post, the attendance-of-six was a lecture he held for all States Members (53 in total), not the public meeting.

15 thoughts on “Interesting news about Richard Murphy\’s speech in Jersey”

  1. Let me put you out of your misery

    Six politicians came to a meeting on Tuesday morning

    About 100 on Monday night

    Different events

    Different numbers

    No conspiracy – just a desire to see one on your part

  2. Misery – conspiracy – on Richard’s site this would summarily be removed by the moderator as abusive (“as all right-thinking and not-deliberately-obtuse and/or evil people would agree”).

    that was a good story for about a minute.

  3. Richard this shows why Tim is right to let people who disagree with him comment on his blog.

    Why don’t you do the same?

  4. “Richard this shows why Tim is right to let people who disagree with him comment on his blog.

    Why don’t you do the same?”

    Very good point. And the principle is true in wider circumstances, too.

  5. cause’ he is a leftist shite, stuck in his paradigm. (sorry to be so rude)

    I too can of occasion find fault in Tims views, but at the end of the day if I agree with him or not, I trust him. thats why I visit.

    Trust is everything, its irrational and unquantifiable something the “left” have a big problem with when it comes to running a economic “model”

    Its why economics is not a science, something Tim might find fault with.

  6. Ha ha ha – instant response to this one from Richard, who clearly watches this blog like a hawk.
    So why doesn’t he leap in to correct all the other demolitions?

  7. I am told by someone who attended that about 60 were at the public meeting.

    My mole tells me that it felt like a paen of praise to one R.Murphy….

  8. I do not feel that anyone has been coned into signing a petition against the GST increase, it is unwaranted. If the Island was run as a business, on behalf of the shareholders, ie, jo-public, there would be no reason for any increases in any form of taxation. In order to change things into a system that I feel the majority of the public want, it would mean a very large turn out at the poles at the Island Wide and localised elections, with a big vote against those with their own self interests

  9. The Island does not have any real economic problems in the same way that other Jurisdictions, so why keep following the others, when it is quite capable of being alone and staying totally independant, and self sufficient

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