Interesting way to do it

On one occasion he saved his men from an angry mob by showing a presence of mind well in advance of his 21 years. Encountering a roadblock consisting of eight young virgins, dressed in white and lying in the path of his armoured vehicles, he ordered a good-looking young Gurkha to walk forward and drop his trousers.

The virgins ran off screaming and the column moved on without a shot being fired.

6 thoughts on “Interesting way to do it”

  1. The subject’s idea seems to have been plagiarized by his brother officer Colonel Rodney Savage of the 1st Batallion of the 13th Gurkha Rifles. In John Masters’ novel “Bohwani Junction” the latter clears a railway line of high caste hindu protesters (“all castes are as one in the fight for freedom”) by threatening to have is low caste riflemen urinate on them.

    I wonder if the late Mr Justice Owen was ever flattered to reflect that he might have been, however tangentially, a model for such a glamorous figure.

  2. A judge does not preside ‘at’ a case, he presides ‘over’ it.

    The banality of that headline makes him sound like a WWF referee.

  3. clarification to DEARME…
    just to imform you… no, the virgins were not muslims… virgins are a very high comodaty, reserved for suicide-bombers only. The way things are going, they have to get ” make your own virgin kit ” due to low stock… hey men.

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