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There is, however, an even more radical approach to pay transparency that would have a profound impact on our remuneration culture. That is to require all employers, by law, to disclose the remuneration of all their workers, in whatever form that remuneration may be paid.

Wouldn\’t that come up against some combination of the data protection stuff and privacy laws?

5 thoughts on “Just a thought”

  1. Yes, but presumably it would take precedence over them, either expressly or through the doctrine of implied repeal.

    Crazy idea though

  2. Government should do this. Other Government’s do that. etc. Does the Guardian ever not appeal to the authority of the State?

    Does it even practice what it preaches? If not it is just another hypocrite insisting the State bend everyone else to the Guardian’s will before the Guardian will do what it thinks is right. At which point it ceases to be the Guardian’s heartfelt moral obligation and becomes a legal obligation imposed on the rest of us.

  3. Which part of ‘mind your own fucking business’ doesn’t this authoritarian little turd understand? My God the Dragunia does attract some contemptible bloody vermin to Anmerkung Macht Frei.

  4. I haven’t really thought through the implications of this, but I can easily see it as having consequences not remotely intended by the guy proposing it. It could well make the labour market more, not less, dog-eat-dog if everyone knew what everyone else was getting. Still objectionable on many levels, though.

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