Most amusing

A leading tax specialist has warned Jersey\’s finance system needs to be more open and transparent.

Richard Murphy, from Tax Research UK, says the system needs to be clearer to achieve a successful long-term future.

He says the current secrecy in the system is fuelling rumours of tax avoidance.

I wonder who it is spreading those rumours?

6 thoughts on “Most amusing”

  1. Where does “leading” come from? Aren’t there common law offences of misrepresentation? I wonder if it’s time for the ACCA to act on this..

  2. I was most upset to turn on my TV on monday night and see your man Murphy on the One Show presented as a Tax Expert.
    He was talking about the tax breaks on forestry. No prizes for guessing what he thought about it.

  3. Without tax avoidance, Jersey wouldn’t have a financial system. Avoidance being legal of course.

    It seems to me that Richie’s problem is with people who draft tax law. Like Gordon Brown.

  4. That would be Richard Murphy, the impartial tax expert from Tax Research UK. No relation to Richard Murphy, the political campaigner from the Tax Justice Network.

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