My word now this is a surprise!

The EBRD, which is headquartered in London, said it had lifted the immunity of four Russian officials following a request from the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO).

In a statement, the EBRD said: \”The purpose of lifting the immunity is to facilitate investigations by both UK police and by Russian authorities into alleged criminal activities.\”

One of the Russians is Yelena Kotova, the Russian director of EBRD. The other three, who have not yet been identified, worked in the Russian office of the bank.

The thought that Russian officials in a bank might take bribes!

Just so, so unexpected.

1 thought on “My word now this is a surprise!”

  1. This may be a silly question, but why do these people have immunity in the first place?

    Tim adds: International organisations….tax free and immunity. Not that it’s really needed in London say, but the EBRD rep in Belarus or Tadjikistan would find it very useful indeed.

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