My word this is interesting Polly

One of the worst ideas in circulation is to make manifestos legally binding, nailing parties to pre-election promises. The danger is that politics will increasingly end up in the courts, with judges, not voters, in charge. Democracy needs politicians to be judged in the court of public opinion.

Oh, right, so those \”legally binding reductions in carbon emissions\” are simply nonsense then, the legal requirements to consider gender in the impact of policies buffoonish and the law insisting upon a reduction in child poverty simply anti-democratic?

Good, well, glad we\’ve got that sorted out then.

1 thought on “My word this is interesting Polly”

  1. By the same token Polly obviously believes that the Advertising Standards Agency and all the legislation about false selling should be abolished too.

    Her argument is actually specious if we look at the above example. Are Britain’s courts clogged with false selling cases? I think not. Why? Because the fear of litigation is enough to keep most advertisers honest (well; as close to honest as is reasonable to expect).

    So what’s to make us think politicians can’t be trained the same way? A bit of proper enforcement with one or two well publicised cases followed by salutory punishments and I’m sure the b’stards will start sticking to their promises.

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