No, not a schooner

I have mixed feelings about the government\’s proposed new two-thirds pint measure – just don\’t call it a schooner

Of course not. We already have a word for a third of a pint: stoup.

Thus the new glass size is a \”double stoup\”. Or possibly a \”large stoup\”.

Which will add greately to the gaiety of the nation, as a \”double\” or \”large\” becomes smaller than a pint.

Won\’t that drive the tourists usefully to distraction?

10 thoughts on “No, not a schooner”

  1. Isn’t 2/3 of a pint suspiciously close to 1/2 a litre (0.38 of a litre actually, but I’m sure that a Eurocrat could round it up)

  2. Stuart, by any maths, a full pint is closer to half a liter than 2/3 is – 0.56l.

    The French call a “demi” a half of a half liter (or actually more like a third of a liter), whereas a demi in Belgium will get you 0.5 of a liter – ie, close enough, a pint.

    to add to the fun, Belgians call the 0.3 liter glass a “pintje”.

    i’m content for an australian stoup to be a schooner.

  3. One sandwich bar I used to frequent in Vienna served a ‘Pfiff’ with sandwiches. A 50cl glass. Two mouthfuls for lunch and a sandwich.

  4. TRM: why indeed? What sort of a bloody Conservative buggers around with the Weights and Measures? As Lord Falkland said, when it is not necessary to change, it is necessary not to change.

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