No surprise really

A small number of suspects will still face legal curbs on their freedom without being put on trial, he signalled.

The new security regime will mean that a small number of suspects will still be subjected to far-reaching restrictions on their freedom, electronically tagged and prevented from travelling freely.

An announcement on anti-terrorism laws is expected next week. Whitehall sources said the most dangerous terrorist suspects will still be subject to far-reaching restrictions on their freedom even after the phrase “control order” is abandoned.

Yet disappointing.

If you have the proof that these people have committed offences then try them. If you think they\’re plotting to committ offences then monitor them: that is what we\’ve got various spy services for, after all.

But to punish them without trial is such a breach of the principle that no one should be punished without trial that we cannot do that. For of course if some can be essentially jugged without trial then so can any. Which ain\’t the point of a free and liberal society nor of the rule of law.

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  1. According to the article, officials have advised ministers that putting suspects under constant surveillance would be “cripplingly” expensive and would tie up dozens of intelligence and police officers, so they appear to be dismissing your alternative that preserves a basic principle of the rule of law on cost grounds.

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