Not quite understood this prostitution thing as yet, young man

A college student is suing a stripper-referral service, saying the assigned dancer engaged in an illegal act of prostitution with him but did not stay the full hour as promised.

That\’s what you\’re paying them for, to leave afterwards rather than stay around for a cuddle and a chat.

7 thoughts on “Not quite understood this prostitution thing as yet, young man”

  1. Actually, one of the biggest complaints I used to hear when I used to be, erm, closer to this sort of scene than I am nowadays was that the girls used to in effect charge for an hour “or until you finish”, with the last bit remaining unstated at the time of contract agreement. Thus there were many a customer left complaining that he was just getting his second wind when he found his girl all dolled-up and skeddadling for the exit to get back in enough time to pick up another customer. One mate of mine went so far as to insist his girl (a sulky Russian) sat on the sofa watching TV until the hour was up, the TV having been switched to the Bloomberg channel.

  2. Glad you warned me Tim. I’d complain to Trading Standards. An hour means an hour, not a s*** and prostitution itself is not illegal.

  3. Unless they stay for a cuddle & a chat ……….

    But it does make answering the question “How did you two meet?” a tad problematic.

  4. Isn’t moaning about this what the online review sites are for?

    Suing when prostitution’s illegal seems a bit like calling the police when you’re short changed in a drug deal. Not that I’m surprised about a college student being that stupid.

    Still, it’s hard to see how an agency can say that they’re charging for “time and companionship only” if the girl goes as soon as he’s come.

    From what I’ve seen this one way in which independents distinguish their service from the agencies. There are plenty of customers who’ll pay a bit more for that cuddle and a chat.

  5. Philip Scott Thomas

    Anyway, I thought that contracts for illegal activities such as prostitution (as it is in Las Vegas, apparently) were not, at least in America, enforceable.

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