Not very good defence of the day

The salient fact about DC is not that it has education problems. Every big city in America has those.

Every big city in America has problems in its education system. Therefore it cannot be that the teachers\’ unions, which are in every big city in the USA, are part of the problem.

Doesn\’t really work, does it?

2 thoughts on “Not very good defence of the day”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I agree in this specific case, but I am not sure I would agree in general. After all virtually all big cities not only have failing schools and powerful Unions, but also non-white majorities. In fact I would think academic failure was very strongly associated with a lack of White (and Asian) pupils.

    But correlation is not causation. We don’t know, in general, which comes first.

    (Although as I said, I think it is unarguable that the Unions are to blame)

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