Numbers, numbers

I don\’t think this is true really:

Dr Julian Little, chairman of the Agricultural Biotechnology Council, pointed out that more than 300 million acres of GM crops are planted in the world every day.

300 million a day is 109,500,000,000 acres a year. There are 247 acres to a square kilometer. So we\’re saying that 443,000,000 square km are planted with GM crops each year.

Total land area of the Earth is 148,940,000 km2.

So, the statement as it stands is that we\’re cropping the entire land surface three times a year with GM crops.

No, I don\’t think so really, I just don\’t.

Not sure who we should call them out on, Louise Grey or Dr. Julian Little, but someone really should call the numeracy police.

7 thoughts on “Numbers, numbers”

  1. When an organisation makes this kind a mistake, a little flag should be set in a credibility database, and after a few flags the state broadcaster should be prohibited from calling upon the organisation to offer its opinion.

  2. Why’s it going to take 5 or 10 years, after licensing, to harvest the first GM crops? Very slow growing, are they?

    And, to show that the eco-loons are daft too, the “increased use of pesticides”? I thought that one of the main benefits of GM was disease and pest resilience? Ah, yes, a href=””>Monsanto, for example:

    Monsanto’s Bollgard® trait revolutionized insect control in cotton, which helps protect the crop from insects that can be detrimental for cotton farmers’ crops.

    When farmers buy cotton seed with this trait, they are able to reduce or even eliminate the need to spray for damaging worms.

  3. Up in the Sierra’s they say two farmers can plough both sides of the same hectare.Might account for some of the discrepancy…….

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