Oh do stop complaining, please

Some £470,000 was spent last year, £300,000 of which was spent on teaching fees for the children of foreign correspondents.

\”The Beeb has to keep its running costs in order to give fee-payers good value for their money.\”

It is unclear which reporters benefited from the payments or how much they received, but it is thought that about one in five of the corporation\’s 150 foreign correspondents were given funding for their children\’s education, amounting to an average of £10,000 each.

John O\’Connell, research director of the TaxPayers\’ Alliance, said: \”The only reason that licence-fee payers pay the fee is to get good quality programming.

Critics of the BBC told the Daily Mail educating the families of staff cost money that could otherwise have been used on programming.

This is pretty much standard across the public sector for people who are sent to work abroad. Military, diplomats and so on, all get it. For the British system of education is indeed different and once you\’ve stepped out of it it is very difficult indeed to step back into it.

3 thoughts on “Oh do stop complaining, please”

  1. Oh but you’ve failed to point out the hypocrisy of the adamantly leftie BBC subsidising the Public Schools.

  2. Why assume it’s public schools? British School of Brussels (to name one of thousands) would do if you were there…

    Funny numbers. That’s 10,000 pounds per parent, not student. 10,000 pounds will get you a decent English education in Dubai, but not in Brussels or Paris or an English boarding school. Are there lots of toddlers holding the average cost down?

    finally, i wonder if any are foreigners brought to london by the beeb whose kids won’t set foot in that silly English system…

  3. It’s standard amongst the oil companies as well. Any kids I have will be entitled to enter one of the French or English international schools, courtesy of my employer.

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