Oh how true

A surrogate mother is said to exercise \”choice\”. Of course, she is entitled to rent out her womb to whomsoever she likes. However, choice presupposes that we live in a society in which there are no serious differences in power, income and authority between individuals. And we don\’t.

But I\’m not sure that that is the worry at the heart of all of this. That some people can make choices that others are not able to, the inequality of choices.

I have a sneaking suspicion that it\’s actually the greater equality of choices which worries.

What surrogacy does is allow a man (of sufficient wealth, to be sure) to have a child without having to woo and nuture a relationship with a woman. And that has been one of the great powers that women have had over men over the centuries, that it\’s been necessary to do this in order to get both sex and children.

Surrogacy is thus a loss of power of the sisterhood: as, for example, Ronaldo\’s recent case shows. No need for him to committ to marriage, alimony, a relationaship, in order to have a child.

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  1. Well no, not true. That’s not what “choice” implies at all. It’s never been about differences in power, income and authority. The one on the lower end of the choice just needs to have enough of these things to say fuck off to the one on the higher end, and that doesn’t have much to do with how much of anything he has. Choice implies that you have alternatives. And we all have lots of alternatives to bearing Elton’s boyfriend’s baby.

    And no to your point either, Tim, since you don’t have to be a man to employ a surrogate. A lesbian couple or a childless singleton rich woman, can order up their babies from California if they want.

    So what’s bothering her is something more conservative and traditional than that. Funny that she can’t herself articulate it.

  2. I think that many of these “powerless and poor women” pronouncements are just a front for trying to keep other women down, and one method is by attacking the things they can offer, which you can’t.

    That’s why these ugly, charmless wimmin have such a problem with lap dancing. Because the women with the looks and the charm can make money from it in a way that they can’t (and also pose a threat to their marriages). With surrogacy, it may not be quite so stark as a Graun wofem could do it, but it means they have no advantage over some woman who didn’t get a degree in African studies.

  3. Frankly. I lol. When it comes to abortion, it’s the woman’s womb and the woman’s foetus and the man should have no say. Reproductive rights ya’ll!

    But when a woman leverages those reproductive rights to try to make a better life for herself and her family (and do something of which the lefty disapproves) then it’s exploitation.

    Serious, yo. Is she honestly saying that every time you recieve a good or service from someone less well off than you, it’s exploitation? Seriously? When I go to Starbucks to get a coffee, I have to ask to see the barista’s tax return to make sure I’m not exploiting him?

  4. Is it not that you are making children tradable goods. And in the UK especially the state reckons on first dibs.

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