OK Willy, I\’ll go along with this

British democracy is coarsened by a media that is becoming ever more partisan and uninterested in impartial dissemination of information.

Yup, OK, impartial dissemination of information.

Media should.

So what\’s this we find in your article then?

Britain must confront a taboo – our refusal to tax property.

We refuse to tax property then, do we?

Showing latest available data.

Rank Countries \"\" Amount \"\"
# 1 United Kingdom: 11.9%
# 2 Japan: 10.3%
# 3 United States: 10.1%
# 4 Canada: 9.7%
# 5 Australia: 8.9%
# 6 Switzerland: 8.1%
# 7 France: 6.8%
# 8 Ireland: 5.6%
= 9 New Zealand: 5.4%
= 9 Netherlands: 5.4%
# 11 Italy: 4.3%
# 12 Sweden: 3.4%
= 13 Belgium: 3.3%
= 13 Denmark: 3.3%
# 15 Finland: 2.5%
# 16 Norway: 2.4%
# 17 Germany: 2.3%
# 18 Austria: 1.3%
Weighted average: 5.8%

What\’s that? We get more of our tax revenue from taxing property than does any other OECD country?

That\’s refusal is it?

Roll on the impartial dissemination of information in the UK media say I.

10 thoughts on “OK Willy, I\’ll go along with this”

  1. Fruit-loop Willy. I’ll have some of that 3 year 90% wage redundancy thank you very much. I could make a good living from that.

    So presumably then, Willy is in favour of busting the States monopolies in Healthcare and Education?

  3. Translation: we don’t want people saying things that aren’t what the Guardian agrees with.

    Seriously, does anyone want to help me build a government jobs website so we can put these fascists out of business?

  4. I dunno. People are always telling us to ignore the bankers’ advice for how to fix the economy, because of the hash they made of their companies in the run-up to the crisis.

    So, er, what exactly happened at the Work Foundation again, Willy?

  5. Income tax on rent, capital gains tax, stamp duty, stamp duty land tax, council tax, business rates, empty rates. Any more?

  6. I see you only picked on the property tax bit. It wouldn’t take long to repudiate the rest of his article however. It is so full of crap as to be like a overflowing Klargester. If someone could write something so wrong and still have a job there must be hope for Katie Price to be chancellor.

  7. @JP
    Tim Worstall is an advocate of Land Value Tax.Enemies of LVT should ponder what is going to happen when the students realise that they may in the future be hit by an unnecessary £27k for tuition fees but will certainly be hit right now,or as soon as they leave education, by £100k for land under any home they buy or rent.Grant Shapps is talking about keeping house price inflation below wage inflation.How exactly are you popinjays (“Don’t worry the markets will sort out everything out”) going to bring Mr Shapps’
    eminently sensible proposal about? Or is putting things into practice not your thing?
    As I’ve said before, JP is obsessed about LVT and drags it into everything.

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