On the value of children

Fortunately, economists maximize the present value of an infinitely-lived, intertemporal stream of discounted future utility (with discount rates being approximated from the consumption CAPM), so what matters is lifetime, rather than just flow utility.

Yes, that\’s one way of putting it.

3 thoughts on “On the value of children”

  1. I like reading the fancy erudition of economists. It reminds me of the sermons of olden day priests -words , words’ words.
    “those who can both count and think become economists.”
    But is this a good idea?

  2. “Child-rearing can be a rewarding project to work on together” says Shelly.
    I do so agree. However…
    Now you ‘orrible lot. Project yourselves into your beds, NOW! And I mean NOW!

  3. It’s funny: everyone my age got taught when they were 15 how to calculate the PV of a perpetuity, but they’ve all forgotten.

    And man, are those some cute kids.

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