Oooh, my!

France expects 1.6% economic growth this year and less than 2% in 2011 and 2012, according to the European Commission; Germany is forecast to post 3.7% this year followed by 2%-plus the following two years. France\’s budget deficit is forecast to be about 7% of gross domestic product in 2012; Germany\’s is expected to fall below 3%, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Eventually, economists say, France might have to grapple with the size of its government. France\’s total tax burden—from income tax to payroll taxes—is 42%, compared to 37% in Germany

But, but, say it ain\’t so!

You mean there is a connection between overall tax levels and growth?

1 thought on “Oooh, my!”

  1. They could make a start by abolishing one or three of the eight (count ’em!) layers of local government. This is an embarrassment even to the French.
    (There are no plans to do so.)

    On the plus side a Socialist candidate for the présidentielles 2012 has come out against the 35 hour week. (whose idea was the 35hrs? Martine Aubry’s. She’s chief Socialist.)

    The rest of Euro needs Germany like a fish needs a zeppelin. But they do need a kick up the a…

    Pauvre France, as the saying goes.

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