Organic milk is healthier!

So they say:

Organic dairying standards prescribe a reliance on forage, especially grazing, and, in the absence of nitrogen fertiliser, tend to encourage swards of red and white clover, which have been shown to alter the fatty acid intake and composition of milk.

But actually, it\’s nothing at all to do with it being organic. It\’s to do with the clover: something which very definitely is not part of the proscriptions for organic production.

A side effect of, yes, but not part of.

So while we can indeed say (if we want to believe the current fads about Omega 3 and 6 ratios) that organic milk is better than conventional if we wish, this has no relevance on whether\”organic\” is better than conventional for other crops and foods.

Because the clover issue isn\’t relevant to any of those other crops or foods.

Won\’t stop people using the case as an argument in favour of all organic of course….

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