Predictions are very difficult

PLAYBOY: Isn\’t cocaine the currently fashionable drug in Hollywood?
NICHOLSON: I see it around.

PLAYBOY: Have you tried it?
NICHOLSON: Yeah, it\’s basically an upper, but it doesn\’t seem to do too much to me. I don\’t think it\’ll be fashionable for long, because it\’s expensive and we\’re in a depression; whether the world chooses to call it a depression or not, there\’s no money around. Cocaine is \”in\” now because chicks dig it sexually.


2 thoughts on “Predictions are very difficult”

  1. what a fine period piece – lunch for 6 in LA costing $25 and so on. My favorite:

    “With great deliberation, he placed a number of LPs in corrugated shipping boxes: George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass, Strauss waltzes recorded by Fritz Reiner and the Chicago Symphony. Rimsky-Korsakov’s Greatest Hits and a representative selection of Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens and Lee Michaels.”

    How bad should I feel not knowing who Lee Michaels is?

  2. Anyway, DeVreer had sort of a running open house for crazos over there, all the local eccentrics like Vampira and occasionally James Dean. People would be reading tarot cards at those gatherings—long before it became fashionable. Just big walking-around parties. Every once in a while, Samson would turn off all the lights and read from his memories. I didn’t know many people who had been André Gide’s lover, so it was very exotic to me.

    I always said Jack Nicholson looked like he’d walked through hell…

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