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So damn what?

This type of donation makes up 40 per cent of contributions. The revised level of cash compensation could be raised to be in line with this – although some experts fear that raising the level too high could attract donors purely for financial reasons rather than for the public good.

The HFEA is starting the public consultation process, which is being carried out online, today.

The findings will be presented to the HFEA board, which will draw up new regulations, in July,

Tony Rutherford, the chairman of the British Fertility Society, warned against setting the level of compensation for women too high.

Paying them the cash equivalent of the value of fertility treatment given to \”egg-sharers\” would be too much, he said. \”That clearly becomes a financial incentive. If that happens, I think there\’s a real danger that we would lose the altruistic reasons for donation.\”

So damn what you encourager of wankers (for that is an apt description of what Mr. Rutherford does). Why do we given even one, let alone two shits about why women donate eggs (or men wank to order)?

We want, and you are tasked with, ensuring sufficient gametes for those who desire fertility treatment to be able to have it.

And as we all know, there is no such thing as a shortage of supply: there is only a shortage of supply at a price. We have too few gametes on offer therefore the price must be too low. So raise it.

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