So Richard would like a debate

It’s a draft.

I will improve it. But it’s already on the table.

Now would anyone (serious) like to debate it?

It\’s this plan he wants to debate.

I would happily do so. Neutral territory, neither my blog nor his. Comments to be controlled by neither of us.

I don\’t think he\’ll take me up on this though. For I have a funny feeling that because I\’ve already shown my opinion of his theorising thus I\’m not \”serious\”.

11 thoughts on “So Richard would like a debate”

  1. From the comments @ House of Murph

    “I would suggest either Paul Staines or Tim Worstall. Both are highly competent, both are serious and both run blogs with a higher readership than TR-UK.


    A debate with Guido with unmoderated comments?
    Oh boy, get the order-order fan club in fightin’ mode he’ll learn some words he’s never heard before. They don’t just flame tossers over there they piss on the ashes.

  2. Murphy’s pouty self-regarding nature is completely incapable of withstanding robust debate. Any comments that don’t come straight from his amen corner are anathema to him.

  3. And his commenters don’t seem to understand that dividends arise from shares that, more often than not, are bought by Joe Public using funds that have already been taxed.

    I would have commented on his site but sadly comments are closed….Sigh.

  4. Don’t worry. The Tories are going to win the argument fro Richard once we have 15% unemployment and 5% inflation.

  5. Do you think that once he has sorted out the economic problems of the UK we could ask him to devote an afternoon to designing a workable nuclear fusion reactor plant to provide free energy for the UK too? Richard’s very succinct and efficient and ought to be able to fit the design onto the back of a fag packet or two?

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