The MP\’s tarrif

A month a grand.

Around minimum wage or so.

4 thoughts on “The MP\’s tarrif”

  1. Now there’s sump’n we ‘grees on, DBC (an’ you wuz fustest wit’ da mostes’). Good on yer.

  2. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    You are of course presuming the sentence means what it says. This scumbag will, of course, get a 50% remission for being a member of the establishment a model prisoner.

  3. It’s automatically 50% and then because its not a violent crime it’s a bit more off and then because of good behaviour even more off and then because he’ll probably appeal he’ll be left off on bail after only a week locked up.

    I’m waiting to see what happens with Devine and hoping he gets a longer sentence.

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