The spy who shagged me

A foreign national who has been active in the environmental movement throughout Europe, Anna said she met Kennedy in 2005 when she was 21.

\”As far as I knew, he was very well connected and very active. He was very keen to help out in any way he could with our campaign. We met in London, and obviously as he was very active in everything I was doing we ended up spending a lot of time together.\”

She said she developed a sexual relationship with the undercover police officer, and had sex with him more than 20 times during that period.

\”This movement is a small clique, so it is not difficult to run into the same people in various different situations. I also met him at various protests, for example in Germany, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands and Iceland.\”

She said that she spent time at his house in Nottingham but the relationship eventually \”faded out\”. Now married and with children, she is no longer connected with the protest movement.

Anna, who did not want to give her full name, said there were several other women within the protest movement who Kennedy slept with. \”I knew he was seeing other people at the same time and there was never any type of romance involved.\”

When someone goes undercover they do have to take on the mores and customs of the society that they\’re undercover in. You\’d have to make a fair stab at pretending to be Muslim if you were checking up on jihadists, at least indicate that you understand and appreciate Richard Seymour (however difficult that might be) if you were watching the SWPers and, as it appears in this case, if you\’re hanging out with the hippies you\’ve got to shag hippies.

7 thoughts on “The spy who shagged me”

  1. if you’re hanging out with the hippies you’ve got to shag hippies.

    Poor b’stard. No wonder he’s gone off the rails. just imagine what he’s had to endure:

    Years spent getting up close and personal with women who don’t shave their legs and whose idea of a becoming scent is a mixture of unwashed body and patchouli oil.

    The man deserves a medal if you ask me.

  2. “You’d have to make a fair stab at pretending to be Muslim if you were checking up on jihadists..”

    I was reading just this weekend about a chap who went undercover to infiltrate a Muslim group – one problem, he wasn’t circumcised. So, off he trots to the clinic.

    Does that count as ‘a fair stab’..? 😉

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