The truth about that Baker Street saxophone riff

The song transcended the regular folk genre on account of its signature saxophone riff played by Raphael Ravenscroft, who received a one-off session fee of £27 (£169 today-Tim). The cheque bounced, and Ravenscroft had it framed and hung on the wall of his lawyer’s office.

So he wasn\’t even on Musicians\’ Union rates…..

2 thoughts on “The truth about that Baker Street saxophone riff”

  1. I can’t tell you what an MU session rate was back then. but by its equivalent monetary sum today, it seems pretty similar. An MU session fee (3hr session, max 20mins musical material) for audio-rights only pay around £113.40 IIRC, plus various possible add-ons. It’s less than £169 anyway, so maybe he was paid a session fee?

    Tim adds: I’m running off anecdata, some dimly remembered story that rates back then were around £79 for a session…..maybe £73. Then again that’s filtered through a couple of people and originally from Tristan Fry and Herbie Flowers……

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