This is fascinating

Jeremy Bamber, one of Britain’s most notorious multiple killers, may be on the verge of being set free 25 years after he was given a life sentence for murdering five members of his family.

Whether he will be set free or not is a complicated matter.

But the story is that the Court of Appeal might quash his conviction.

One bit that really disturbs me:

Even if he overcomes the first hurdle, the Court of Appeal is unlikely to sit for at least six months.

Why? If the contention is that an innocent man sits in jail, why wait? Bugger that for a lark, get the judges in, cut into their evenings or weekends if necessary, and get on with it.

But the other part of it: if the sentence is quashed, does he get the (huge) inheritance back?

6 thoughts on “This is fascinating”

  1. Question is: who benefitted from Jeremy Bamber’s incarceration? Someone within the Justice System must have known what was going on.

  2. I think the people who inherited, after Bamber was out of the picture ,have blown the lot.There is also some question about their disinterested discovery of “evidence”in the farmhouse.

  3. Addendum,
    Given the open goal the Police had of blaming everything on Sheila Cafell who was a) a very plausible suspect and b)not in position to argue,you do have to wonder why they went to all the trouble of fitting up Bamber ,as he appears to allege.

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