Tunisia: and the perils of the second, younger, wife

Far more reviled, it seems, was his second wife Laila, a feisty brunette more than 20 years his junior, who was dubbed \”The Regent of Carthage\” for her power behind the throne.

A former hairdresser from a humble background, she stands accused of using her marriage to Mr Ben Ali to turn her family, the Trabelsis, into the desert nation\’s most powerful business clique.

Yer man Claudius would have had something to say in warning about such, wouldn\’t he? N\’ Grace Mugabe has hardly endeared herself to the population.

Perhaps a word of advice to ageing autocrats looking for a new legover: take a mistress. Oh sure, there will still be the familial pillaging but the very insecurity of the position will temper it. As Vladimir has done…..

3 thoughts on “Tunisia: and the perils of the second, younger, wife”

  1. Can’t say el-Abidine Ben Ali’s tastes come up to Berlusconi’s either.

    The ‘lovely’ Laila looks like she puts the slap on straight out the cement mixer. Man should have traded her in for No 3 whilst the going was good.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Gaddafi’s buxom Ukrainian nurse is looking better all the time.

    I have a theory for this – women are often too sheltered. Especially young things like this. They can only see their husband as the dictator he is, not as the struggle young man he was. So they do not think to moderate their behaviour. What is, will always be. First wives remember what a struggle it was to take power and so are more inclined to understand it can be taken away without notice. The younger wife just does not understand the “affairs of men” that makes political power work.

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