Well, yes

Based on my own experience, I can prove that it is perfectly possible to survive in the modern world if you are named after a thing: my name, Mercedes Bunz, reminds everyone of a certain Stuttgart-produced marque of car.

Given that Mercedes was actually the name of the car inventor\’s daughter, after which the car is named…..

4 thoughts on “Well, yes”

  1. Not the inventor’s daughter. She was the daughter of a French businessman (Emil something- the story is on the company’s website) with an Algerian wife who imported and distributed Benz’s cars. He also liked to race them and he put the girl’s name on the front, to inspire him, one imagines. Later Benz sponsored him directly and so the whole operation, including the name, came inhouse.

    Funny what sticks in your mind.

  2. Interesting that the Algerian wife was happy with a name derived from a title of the BVM: “Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes “.

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