Where civilisation has been going wrong all these millennia

They may not seem romantic, but a list of questions any couple must ask to have a chance of succeeding in their relationship has been published by a law firm.

So it\’s supposed to be more than \”Are you a good shag? Am I?\” then?

3 thoughts on “Where civilisation has been going wrong all these millennia”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Even in the modern West I have seen studies that say the more men a woman has slept with, the higher chances of divorce.

    It would think in most civilisations the less people know about how good they are at shagging the more stable the marriage is likely to be – and they act accordingly.

  2. Why would we trust Lawyers to tell us how to avoid divorce.

    Its like trusting Richie to tell us how to avoid tax.

  3. All this freewill stuff is not working well. There should be a trend back to arranged marriages .
    ‘Love’ marriages are unstable and costly.

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