Poor families lose the £190 health in pregnancy grant and another £500 for second or more children. Child tax credit for babies is abolished – another £545 a year cut for the under-ones. Low-earning families will pay 10% more for childcare – another £780 a year. The nest egg child trust fund ends, a £500 loss. Working tax credits are frozen for three years: inflation makes that a 9% cut. Freezing child benefit for three years loses another 9%. Disabled families lose £9bn in benefits. All benefits fall by 2% a year, on a stealthy new CPI inflation measure. Now add in housing and council tax benefit cuts, at the extreme end ejecting tens of thousands from their homes, while social housing raises a \”market rent\” for new tenants.

Isn\’t it all wonderful?

We\’re going to stop paying for things that we shouldn\’t have been paying for in the first place.

5 thoughts on “Yes Polly”

  1. Wouldn’t it have been much better to maintain the current rates till the money, and available credit, ran out- then shut down government altogether? Isn’t that Polly’s plan?

  2. It’s a start. If the dreadful Polly is upset, it must be good!
    She really is one of the most hypocritical and repulsive (mentally – I don’t care for her face, but that’s not relevant) commentators around, therefore a great asset to the Guardian – both are well known for tax evasion.

  3. Perhaps, as a result of what Polly bewails, we’ll see fewer tattoo parlours and betting shops in the poorer parts of our towns….

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