Amusing line of the day

Why do I get the feeling that the gay lobby may not be best pleased to find that you have to pass an IQ test to engage in anal sex?

5 thoughts on “Amusing line of the day”

  1. Because those retards? They aren’t people. They should just be glad the state continues to let them live, right?

    That’s if you can call it living…

  2. They were worried about him making sexually suggestive remarks to children, so they stopped him having sex with a consenting adult!!!!

    As those who passed this sentence on him failed to spot the obvious failure of logic, could we ask that they be stopped from indulging in the beast with two backs, as they are obviously thick as shit.

  3. Julia – he’s not just not very bright, he’s *in permanent care*.

    He’s in the 0.5% bottom percentile of “people who don’t know what’s going on”. He lives under permanent local authority care. Until 25 years ago, he’d’ve been locked up in a loony bin forever.

    The Powers That Be have said that, if Alan can be made to understand the concept that fucking people can give you STDs, then he’ll be allowed to fuck people. I think that’s a cool decision, and a legitimate compromise. YMMV.

  4. Oh, I’ve no doubt whatsoever that you are on board with it.

    After all, the state is keeping him safe and well housed and well fed. They are keeping him alive.

    Who cares if he doesn’t get to live, right?

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