Amusing spam of the day

My name is Frank Bauer and I\’ve just stumbled over
your web site at

Are you aware that having your email address publicly
on your web page will increase the amount of spam you
will get over time a lot?

In case you didn\’t know… there are email address
collecting SpamBot software tools out there that are
constantly searching the Internet.  They will find
and collect your email address.

I am sure you don\’t want to end up on tons of those
junk lists, right?  That\’s why I wanted to give you
this quick warning so you can do something about it.

I would recommend you use a contact form instead of
your email address on your web site.

If you don\’t mind… I can recommend a software tool
for that purpose to you,…….

Yup, he\’s spamming me to tell me how I can avoid getting spam……

5 thoughts on “Amusing spam of the day”

  1. I had a comrade who was nearly mugged by some bloke who ran up and told him there’d been a mugging in the area and could he see how much cash he had on him make sure he wasn’t the culprit…

  2. There’s quite a simply trick for avoiding spam by splitting up the email address and having some javascript put it together. It fools robots, but leave it working for users.

  3. Best spam I ever had, from a Chinese manufacturing company, went something like this:

    Does your business handle large amounts of cash?
    Are you worried about security when taking it to the bank?
    Would you like to buy one of our armoured cars?

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