Anna Chapman

United Russia, the Russian prime minister\’s all-powerful party, has already pencilled in Miss Chapman as the next MP for the Volgograd region in southern Russia according to the daily Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper which said it had seen the list.

The former spy is all but guaranteed electoral success as Russia is a de facto one-party state and the United Russia party is expected to keep its dominant position for years to come.

Well, yes, I guess that does confirm that she actually was a spy then…..

2 thoughts on “Anna Chapman”

  1. There is another explanation. Putin’s a good friend of Silvio Berlusconi, after all. I gather he even attended some of SB’s parties.

    I can certainly imagine an Italian version of Ms Chapman doing well in Forza Italia.

    Tim adds: Possible: although there’s already that gymnast in that position (sorry) isn’t there?

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