Berkeley Earth project

I\’ve no idea at all about how this is going to turn out but it has at least the possibility of being very interesting indeed.

And yes, this is the sort of thing that science really should be trying to do. Go back to the original data and try to replicate the findings of others. If you can replicate, all well and good, if you can\’t, try to work out why.

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  1. The first thing to establish is how much of the original data is still available – some will probably have been “adjusted” out of existence.

  2. Actually, I am amazed that the Guardian did a piece on this project. The CAGW folks are highly suspicious of it. For instance, the fact that they have received funding from the Koch Foundation is, to those imperious custodians of the scientific method, instant proof that the project is compromised.

  3. just checked out a few more cagw sites….they hate the very idea.

    The problem I see is that if Mueller’s team does find that the other teams are more or less right, and the instrumental temperature record is sound, skeptics and deniers will still dispute the science because there is still the issue of past temps, of climate sensitivity, and of course, the models. What about the models?

    These people have disputed the science, not because it has been done poorly or because there are errors in IPCC reports, or lack of data sharing or any of the other claims made by skeptics. They have disputed it because they are fundamentally against climate legislation that in will any way cost the developed world anything, that will limit the freedom of corporations to pollute and develop, or that will require any kind of global treaty or taxation.

    So, Mueller and his team may provide an independent back up of the other temperature groups, but that is not the real problem. All those “issues” raised by skeptics are just “excuses”. This is a policy dispute about values, not a science dispute about evidence.

    a vile person in every respect…one who would suckle on the nipple of a peer-reviewed climate scientist

  4. I hope Russell has paid the right amount of tax,and no more, as prescibed by the Murphmeister…otherwise I might report him for accepting bribes

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