British boozing: about average really

However separate figures that strip out teetotals (14.4 per cent of Britons) show that drinkers in Britain consume an average 15.6 litres of pure alcohol. Women drink 9.50 litres and men manage 21.5.

On this calculation, however, Britain is out-drunk by about half the countries in the world including Muslim majority nations such as Egypt and Iraq.

6 thoughts on “British boozing: about average really”

  1. According to the article about 7% of the adult male population is an alcoholic, and alcohol is “a factor” in 4% of mortality. Since males still do the dangerous stuff (soldiers, bouncers, drivers, foresters, fishermen) you could argue that alcohol is a safety factor.
    Nevertheless the WHO approves higher alcohol taxes. I wonder why?

  2. In “the good old days” the definition of an alcoholic was “someone who drank more than his doctor”. 🙂

  3. “someone who drinks more than me who I don’t like” is my preferred definition, although it runs into problems as the Muslim community expands.

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