A site to take note of.

The website,, created by charity the Media Standards Trust, allows readers to paste press releases into a \”churn engine\”. It then compares the text with a constantly updated database of more than 3m articles. The results, which give articles a \”churn rating\”, show the percentage of any given article that has been reproduced from publicity material.

The Guardian was given exclusive access to prior to launch. It revealed how all media organisations are at times simply republishing, verbatim, material sent to them by marketing companies and campaign groups.

Pumping Louise Grey\’s stuf on the environment in the Telegraph through this would just be too easy.

Would be useful to aid in finding where Johann\’s getting his \”facts\” from though.

One fun use would be to run today\’s Guardian (where this story appears) through it,…..

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  2. Unfortunately you need to put the press release into the site to see how much has been copied. It doesn’t work the other way round. Still, there’s plenty of press releases out there to have fun with.

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