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Why do women find Earl Spencer so irresistible?


On the death of his father on 29 March 1992, Charles, still only 27, succeeded as 9th Earl Spencer, 9th Viscount Althorp, 9th Viscount Spencer of Althorp, 9th Baron Spencer of Althorp and 4th Viscount Althorp. He also inherited Althorp, the family\’s ancestral seat in Northamptonshire. Since 2009, he has restored Althorp, re-roofing it and restoring its entire exterior for the first time since the 1780s. He has also helped establish Althorp Living History, a handmade, fine furniture line reproducing pieces from the collection at Althorp. The Spencer family\’s wealth derives from their profitable sheep farming in the Tudor era.

Wealth, title, fame, actually landing him makes you a Countess?

Won\’t attract everyone of course but there\’s enough of a simulacrum of being an alpha male there that he\’ll never go short of pussy now, will he?

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  1. Philip Scott Thomas

    9th Viscount Althorp and 4th Viscount Althorp? How does that work? Is he his own grandad or something?

    Tim adds: One or other of them will be in the Irish or Scottish peerage, rather than the peerage of Great Britain. Or it’s a wikifuckup, your choice.

  2. No, they’re far too much johnny-come-latelies to be part of the Scottish peerage. This may contain a clue:-
    “Earl Spencer is a title in the Peerage of Great Britain that was created on 1 November 1765, along with the title Viscount Althorp, of Althorp in the County of Northamptonshire, for John Spencer, 1st Viscount Spencer, a great-grandson of the 1st Duke of Marlborough. He had been created Viscount Spencer, of Althorp in the County of Northamptonshire and Baron Spencer of Althorp, of Althorp in the County of Northamptonshire, on 3 April 1761.

    The future 6th Earl Spencer was created Viscount Althorp, of Great Brington in the County of Northamptonshire, on 19 December 1905 in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.”

    I take it that that is self-explanatory for those who understand such things (which excludes me, I admit).

  3. He is a distant cousin of Winston Churchill and looks a bit like a middle-aged version of Hugh Grant – and oh, I nearly forgot, he is the brother of the late Princess Diana. If I had half that lot to add to half of my intellectual and sporting prowess I should need the latter to escape across the nearest moorlands.

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