Don\’t these people get it?

The government is scrapping controversial anti-social behaviour orders and replacing them with new measures that will give the police power to ban troublemakers from town centres and street corners for up to two years.

Possessions particularly prized by youths – such as electronic gadgets and stereo systems – are likely to be targeted.

Anyone breaching the new \”criminal behaviour orders\” will face having their assets seized in the same manner as major criminals.

You know, this idea that the police are there to uphold property rights, not violate them?

Seriously, what are they thinking?

8 thoughts on “Don\’t these people get it?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    If the police and courts have together worked to make sure the normal processes of punishment don’t punish, they will be supplemented by some other scheme.

    I think we should be glad it isn’t mob violence.

    Still, it can’t be long before the old clip around the ear makes a come back as government policy.

  2. “Still, it can’t be long before the old clip around the ear makes a come back as government policy.”

    We can but hope.

  3. Thieving under the guise of “confiscation” is a new sideline for the bluebottles. Since it is sanctioned by the scum of the state, it is also much safer for plod than making a bob or two in their old standby of good honest corruption.

    Just as well since it seems that nowadays they are not smart enough to take payoffs without dropping the money.

  4. A scheme guaranteed to create enemies of the state … good!

    The UKBA have been doing this for years at the ports except it isn’t your i-pod .. it’s your car. All done under civil procedures which means they dont need evidence to do it … just a ‘belief’ system.

    5000 cars in 3 years, when asked by MP’s for latest figures UKBA said they didn’t have them as it wasn’t cost effective to produce.

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