Exactly the right thing to say there

Ed Vaizey, the culture minister, was refused £4.75 to cover the cost of an intern\’s lunch. Vaizey said that the claim was permissible but that Ipsa had lost the receipt. \”It\’s good for MPs because it reminds you what happens when you set up a quango. The public has to deal with things like the Criminal Records Bureau. This is a taste of our own medicine.\”

8 thoughts on “Exactly the right thing to say there”

  1. Okay, so Ed’s just experienced life outside the ivory tower and doesn’t like it. It’s to his credit that he realises the little people suffer this sort of problem all the time. But the real sign he’s understood the problem is when he comes up with a solution.

    “Axing quangos” would be a good one. “Cutting back state intrusion in peoples’ lives” would be another. Sadly I suspect that for Ed and his chums a suitable solution would be more on the lines of “let’s improve the way quangos work” or, even worse, “let’s isolate ourselves from quangos, because we’re important”.

  2. But he at least passed the first test, which is not to huff and puff about what a dreadful imposition it all is, and how it stops him getting on “with the people’s business”.

  3. No, I’m tired of baby steps. These bastards happily don the seven league boots when it comes to imposing their will on the rest of us.

    If Vazey thinks his condescending acknowledgement that he’s suffered a little taste of what the rest of the population suffer every day is enough, fuck him. If he’s really learned his lesson, let’s hear his solution and then see some action. Now

  4. RM: dead right. Absolutely the last thing we want is more efficient government. What we want is less government, full stop. The Tories are always banging on about streamlining and cutting waste. They ask, “can we do function X with two people instead of seven?” when the real question is, “given X is not a legitimate function of government, why are we doing it at all?”

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