Extremely harsh


But true for a certain value of \”true\”.

Bill de Blasio, the city\’s public advocate, described the advertisement as \”grossly offensive to women and minorities\”. \”This billboard simply doesn\’t belong in New York City,\” said Mr de Blasio.

\”Common decency demands it be taken down.\” Christine Quinn, the Speaker of New York city council, said: \”To refer to a woman\’s legal right to an abortion as a \’genocidal plot\’ is not only absurd, but offensive to women and to communities of colour\”.

Legal rights are funny things: yes, abortion is a right protected under that shadowy penumbra of the constitution. As the right to say anything you damn like about it proteted under the First Amendment.

3 thoughts on “Extremely harsh”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Whether it is a genocidal plot or not is a matter of historical record.

    As it happens, the Pill was specifically designed to control the fertility of minorities and a large part of the argument for legal abortion came from people who thought there were too many coloured people in the world.

    I can see why they are offended. I can’t see why anyone gives them time of day. It must be utterly indefensible to be in favour of choice but only an uninformed choice. The billboard does not even seem to mention genocide.

  2. It is a silly notion that the First gives you the right to say whatever you want. The generally conformist mealy-mouthed habits of American life teach you that. All the First does is prohibit Congress from passing laws to abridge free speech. Quite different.

  3. To refer to a woman’s legal right to an abortion as a ‘genocidal plot’ is not only absurd, but offensive to women and to communities of colour

    I didn’t see any mention of genocide in the article and find it hard to make the link. Genocide is a crime committed by people of one race against members of another. Abortion is an act performed by a mother (presumably of one race) upon herelf (or her unborn child) either of which must be of the same race.

    All I see is a statement based (one assumes) on some numbers that the person making it believes prove this contention.

    Quite frankly if anything is offensive to women and to communities of colour it’s Mrs Quinn’s hystrionics.

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