Fascinating stuff from the Murphmeister

With the greatest pf respect for Sean O’Grady who wrote this he’s wrong. It’s obvious he knows he is too. These places – all part of the UK and issuing UK passports – are not self governing any more than the Isle of Wight is.

Turks and Caicos, Bermuda, Bahamas, Jersey, Isle of Man, Guernsey, Cayman the list goes on, all part of the UK now are they? Nairu, Hong Kong, Panama, Netherlands Antilles, Delaware, Switzerland, Leichtenstein?

An interesting word for Ritchie to consider: jurisdiction.

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  1. Tim you obliged me to go to his blog again. Tut, tut.

    I know nothing about the subject, but the impression I get is that he knows a little but because his cause is noble and everybody else is a filthy stinking rip-off merchant, he can say what he likes even when he knows he is wrong, because underneath it all and in what matters (somebody somewhere is paying less tax than he thinks they should) it doesn’t matter.

  2. As a resident of the Isle of Man (that’s the one in the middle of the Irish Sea between England and Ireland, not the one off the south coast of England opposite Portsmouth), I can confirm that the island is a dependency of the crown, but not part of the UK.

    Yes, it is true that we have to put up with a lot of stick from our larger and more arrogant neighbour, but we are no more subject to UK laws than the Seychelles.

    We have our own parliament (older than the UK) descending from when the Isle of Man was an independent part of the Scandinavian empire more than 1,000 years ago.

    We even have our own tinpot dictator in the form of Tony Brown and care for little if anything for our larger neighbour other than how much problems ‘across’ are costing us in terms of inflation (about 6% at the moment).

    We’ve thought about declaring independence, but 80,000 drunkards clinging to a rock don’t really worry about what goes on in the Septic Isle much. Most of us are just glad we left.

    Equally, Ritchie has form on the island, having kicked up such a fuss about the reciprocal health agreement and VAT sharing that were got shafted to the tune of 50-100 million quid.

    There might not be many of us and we might be more concerned about the goings on around the island than what happens ‘across’ in the UK, but there is talk of independence and that could be achieved pretty quickly if the UK starts pushing us around.

    The kings writ does not extend to the Isle of Man as the last bunch of customs officers that the UK sent over found out when they were thrown in Castletown gaol for 3-months found out.

    Fuck you Ritchie. Fuck you big time!

  3. The inability to understand UK constitutional matters is pretty widespread among Englishmen. But few would be such damn fools as Ritchie.

  4. At least the Irish don’t start coming the old “if you don’t put your house in order, we’ll have to do it for you” pile of bollocks that we get off the English – and it is the English. The Scots / Welsh / Irish (N & S) and even the Cornish all sympathize to a certain extent.

    I’d say it’s about time Scotland invaded England again, but they’ve been in charge ‘across’ for the last 12-years.

    Nice bit of Scorched Earth there Tony and Gordon.

    P.S. Did I mention that I think Ritchie is a prize cunt?

  5. As a legal resident of the Isle of Wight (that’s the one off Portsmouth) I wish it were independent so we could PNG that cunt Murphy and deport him.

  6. It’s not true that they issue normal UK passports.

    If you were born in Jersey or Guernsey, for example, your passport will say:
    “The holder is not entitled to benefit from EU provisions relating to employment or establishment”

    Unless of course you qualify for full UK rights in the normal way (mostly having a parent or grandparent born in the UK). But that would apply wherever you were born, not just to islanders.

  7. Also anyone of non-Chinese (not just UK) ancestry born in Hong Kong, with pre-handover Hong Kong ancestry, are entitled to full British citizenship.

    Does that mean that the UK should set Hong Kong’s taxes?

    I’d like to see Murphy go to China and tell them so.

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