Geography and The Guardian

Not great mates really:

Yet to lose Argyle would be a particular sadness. They are the only bastion of league football west of Exeter.

Torquay United.

5 thoughts on “Geography and The Guardian”

  1. When they stopped calling it The Manchester Guardian, they must have considered calling it The London Guardian – and then decided that that would be redundant.

  2. It might have been the Guardian, but I think more likely the Times that had an article from a journalist saying that one of their first pieces came back from the editors with something like ‘Leeds is only two hours away from where?’

  3. Surprisingly Torquay is due south, not west of Exeter.

    However in this case you’re right, both Plainmoor and St.James Park are located in the east of Torquay and Exeter respectively but Plainmoor is ever so slightly further west.

    According to Google Earth, the centre spot of each ground is.
    Plainmoor (Torquay) 3°31’25.8″ W
    St James Park (Exeter) 3°31’16.1″ W

    As an arcsecond is about 30 metres, Torquay United are indeed located nearly 300 metres further west than Exeter City are. Shame on the Guardian for not calculating it precisely.

    That’s not to let the Guardian off the hook entirely, Liberty Stadium (Swansea) is at 3°56’04.2″ W

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